Hot-filling process for sauces

I’m developing a dipping sauce, and during the mixing phase I need to work at high temperature. At this point I have thought to increase the temperature to perform a pastrourization process, and to use the hot filling of the final container for the packaging.

As container I’m in doubt between pre-formed PET pot (not blowed at the moment) or Glass Jar. Anyway if I use the hot-filling, do I need to pre-treat the container?

Which alternatives to avoid a double process of heating (cooking + heat treatment after packaging)?

Thank you colleagues!

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Hot filling, vs water bath treatment or alternate heat treatment after packaging is usually set based upon the pH of the product. Heat treatments and time requirements in general are based upon the product equilibrium pH value.

If you are hot filling and the bottles (glass) are too cold there is a good chance you will generate thermal cracking. and cause issue with bottle integrity.