Further studies

Hi there,
I am a Bsc. Foodtechnology graduate. I am planning to do my masters degree in Food and nutrition. Will there be any problem in getting jobs?

Generally speaking, job is not a problem, as its ever available. but often not according to your ideal position;^the main impediment is jobseekers ego.
After having successfully got a masters degree,due to the largr number of similarly educated applicants specially in the subcontinent, resulting in a glut your cherished job position ,would you be willing to accept jobs not commensurate with your advanced education.?
I have seen people with advanced degrees handling menial.Jobs like clerical.work.laboratory technician. ,even driver salesman etc.
Think about it.If you really love your chosen career, you will never worry about a job as you are willing to sacrifice ,working at a start in lowly position but you had high aims.You will endure hardships, occasional humiliation, substandard pay rate ,long working hours ,the stress of daily commute etc But aa long as you are focused on your goal you will win it in the end

Getting through ‘any’ first job is not easy for everyone. Of course there has been exceptional ‘people’ who have their luck even on the first go via campus interview etc etc. I had my struggle too!! Do keep in mind that we may find new things on the way, and continue to explore and surely one day you will be happy and proud of your achievement.

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