Full Pot Roast recipe with half the meat

How would the final dish taste if one was to use a recipe for a 5 lb chuck roast and only used a 2 lb roast?

Would the meat risk overseasoning?
Would the liquid lose the influence of the meat too much?

Would the ‘extra’ sauce/gravy/liquid (and some carrot/onion remains) be useful for anything else besides pouring over a potato or piece of toast? And would it even be good for that? Ideas?

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PS: Roy, don’t bother telling me to search (what I am doing) the internet (where this is)

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I am gonnna tell you.actual cooking test will give you a practical answer…Besides cooking experience well make you discern if youre righf or wrong that …if you rrally know how to cook…Because if you do…you wont be asking the question…:joy:

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