Freeze dried Mango Cubes

We want to make freeze-dried mango cubes from the mango pulp.

We have tried but the shape gets distorted,
also in blast freezing the pulp gets browning,

What could be done to have the perfect cube shape
like the ones in the picture or near to them?

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Cut fruits be better be soaked in pectin syrup to prevents deformation and to prevent discoloration treated with ascorbic acid solutions.


Thank Roy for the help,

Also wanted to ask by anychance we can make us of already made pulp?

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Dear Brijesh Ji,
You have to blanch your mango first and optimize the level of pectin to have firm shape cubes.
lastly, blast freeze will work to provide them strength and even discoloration will be prevented.

Dr.Ajay Singh


@Brijesh…the mango pulp is usually processed into mango puree( also frozen) which are sold to mango nectar and juice processors.


Thank Dr. Ajay and Mr.Roy for the help.:pray:

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