Food products from Ukraine

Hi. We are company MALYAS from Ukraine. We sell agricultural products from Ukraine to the whole world. I understand that everybody here is connected with food development, so if you are interested in any type of products, that we ship, you are welcome to contacts us. We will be happy tif you can create somenthing new and special using our products. Here is the list of what we have (it is not complete. Just ask if you need anything, which is not mentioned hereunder.

Today we sell all over the world a wide range of products:


  1. Molasses, beetroot bagasse
  2. Glucose, glucose-fructose and maltose syrups
  3. Sunflower seed and soybean meals and cakes
  4. Corn-steep extract (CSL)
  5. DDGS
  6. Pellet alfalfa
  7. Granulated brewer’s grains
  8. Wheat flour and Rye flour
  9. Different types of grains and beans - corn, barley, sorghum, wheat, mung bean, soybean, other types of beans, chickpea, yellow pea
  10. Oily seeds - flaxseed, coriander, mustard, lupine, sunflower seed and kernel, sesame, hempseed
  11. Walnut kernel, peanut
  12. Honey
  13. Sunflower oil
  14. Dry milk, egg melange
  15. Semolina, oat flakes, wheaten groats, wheat bran
  16. Lecithin
  17. Fertilizers
  18. Food additives for animals – sorbents, growth stimulants, synbiotics, immunopotentiators, hepatoprotectors, biopreservatives, metabolic regulators, acidifiers
  19. Natural cold-pressed (virgin) oils - grapeseed, pumpkinseed, mustard, water-melon seed, cannabis, sesame, linseed, poppy seed, sea-buckthorn, milk thistle, black seed.

Hi-tech developments:
20) Fiberglass reinforced bars
21) Light constructions and yachts
22) Everything for amusement parks and on-water entertainment.

Have a good time!

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