Feedback request

Dear All,

I need your feedback about FSTDESK to improve it, i would like your time to leave a feedback.

You can leave your feedbacks under this topic or you can send me a PM.

Thank you in advance.

Pretty informative and a good central discussion platform - maybe a survey type questionnaire may a good idea? survey monkey?

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It must be known to the members, that this forum don’t practice Fortune Telling. TO solve a problem. technically Sufficient information must be provided by those seeking solutions to it.
The more information provided the better is the likelihood in solving the problem.
… IF There is confidentiality issues they may modify the recipe to be not exact but still the information provided should explain something about the fault.
Further as the technical help is gratis ,members should not post their problems in private messaging so everybody can participate in the discussion.
If members insist in private messaging to.anyone they think can help them ,with their technical problem the concerned member should ask a consultancy feel from.a poster that want assistance privately.

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