Effect of freezing

What is the effect of freezing on stir fry meat ?

please clarify your question and give us more details.

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Stir fry meat for oriental cuisine.? Well I do it occasionally with stir fried beef pork or chicken and does not affect it much ,.I pack marinated meat in zip lock bags the air pressed out then deep freeze .I can even cook it directly frozen.or often partly thawed I notice it improves the texture when cooked…The beef was more tender as well as the pork.but the chicken tends to be a bit dry but still acceptable.

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Do you have any research paper on this topic ? I need it for research work . I could not find any resrech paper . If you can please help on this

Im going to use goat meat for that

Stir frying is technique in which meat is fried i small amount of hot oil while being stirred in a work .if frozen meat is used for what kind of changes will be seen on flavour , color and how it will effect meat stracture ??

Research psper…? lol .Been doing it for many years and don’t need scientist opinion to confirm its validity.
:joy:…Stir frying had been used by countless of our ancestor chefs for centuries even before scientific inquiry was even organized except the freezingprocess which is a recent practice …:smile:
.Btw never did it with goat meat so I can’t concur …

If you are keen to get scientific information related to your interests there are many sources you can look at.
The science of cooking meat from frozen state is already well established. There is vast literature you can glean from books ,journals and web literature Meat Science, Meat processing.,Processing of frozen foods.
Even without that knowledge , practical thinking and common sense is sufficient to understand what is doable and what’s not.
The gist is directly pan frying frozen meat in bulk is not advisable as the physics is against it due to poor heat conduction across frozen thick meat chops .But stir frying frozen thin and small pieces of meat on the wok is okay as the searing that occurs in high heat is fast enough to transmit the heat across small pieces.
So there you go, you want validation then do your leg work ,search the scientific literature specific to your needs Dont be too literal on your search but try understand first cooking frozem foods so you cull and select the right information…

Okay thanks