Durain Ice cream

The Product Development Centre of the company comes up with a new Durian ice cream. The sensory panelists test the product and discovered that the texture of the ice cream is gritty and not smooth. Explain why this happens and suggest a new ingredient to overcome the problem.

Appreciate your help

You should examine your ingredients used and compare it with standard commercial ice cream formulation…You will certainly discover there is a component that causes such fault…

Thanks a lot, Roy

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hi, I am not an expert in this field, but just some thoughts
-amount of lactose can influence the grittiness (A trial without durian can help to check this out)
-how about the type of durian cultivar used
-the stage of ripening of the durian that is used
-Durians contain sulfur containing compounds, acetaldehyde along with several kinds of esters.
(Also did you use durian flour, or durian flesh? + other hydrocolloids used for your trials need further exploration).
Finally, it all depends on the % of durian that you might be using for your new product development.

Thanks a lot for this information. It really means a lot