Developer's Guide: UHT/HTST Processing Next Generation Protein Products (FI Europe Webinar)

Plant-based proteins are not really “alternative” anymore, are they. Their popularity has blossomed into the development of a wide range of pasteurized, ESL, and aseptic products like milks, shakes, yogurts, and even desserts like puddings and ice creams. But developing products with these proteins is very challenging. This makes laboratory HTST, UHT, and aseptic processing more critical than ever. This presentation will discuss proper process and condition selection, how product prep can affect outcomes, the importance of process accuracy to commercial processes, and avoiding processing pitfalls to get your products to market faster and more efficiently.

Developer Webinar

Webinar: Tuesday, November 23rd at 4:30 CEST/10:30 am EST and then on demand.

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