Detox Diet

Do detox diets really cleanse?
Do they even work out?
Any latest research about this please?

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Hi @Johnvique! I believe there are several studies about this topic, and from what I understand, detox diets are fads.

Here’s a peer-reviewed article to support that.

Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics Volume issue 2014 [doi 10.1111_jhn.12286] Klein, A. V.; Kiat, H. – Detox diets for toxin elimination and weight management- a critical review of the evidenc.pdf (157.6 KB)

Speaking from experience…Cleansing diet( or you call it detox diet. really works…I feel my body is lighter, I lost weight ,I don’t get sick.I feel more energized as well I can sleep easily…Everyone one should try it once in a while…
My style was avoiding processed foods and beverages,eating nutritious foods( often raw ( vegetables, fruits and nuts).drinks lots of water., coupled with exercise. for a month…

But more research about the detox food has not yet been diversified?

Well you can dig up the web for your information requirements…But if it works for me positively I don’t need corroboration and approval from academics that talk about it but never experienced it themselves… For me that’s hollow knowledge…

The diets mentioned in that paper are queer and unhealthy and often nutritionally unbalanced. Hence they are labelled as fads.
If you do your personal style by eating wholesome foods and avoiding processed foods and beverages it cleanse your body better than taking artificial things like drugs,cocktails electrolytes…
That’s maybe the reason that there are discrepancies in results.
Regarding the removal of heavy metals and some carcinogens ,I can’t prove I was detoxifies out of it . But doing the 30 day cleansing diet 2 to 3 times a year could certainly bring benefits in your overall health and well being. .Its a lot better than getting advice from nutritionists that are often biased as they themselves have never personally experienced such dietary exercise.
That’s what I can confirm from personal experience…