Determination of Carnosic acid in rosemary

I am trying to find a definitive method that will allow me to determine the quantity of carnosic acid in rosemary oleoresins and dried extracts.

Does anyone have any knowledge on a testing method for this?
Or what the specific equipment needed is?


There are analytical methods if you only care to search using your selected keywords…
Just tried your keywords and got immediate answer from. SCIENCE DIRECT…
Go try it…

I have searched, and found that HPLC is the best answer, as I am unable to find a direct method that QUANTIFIES the carnosic acid content, this I am unable to find, I will also add that as a member of the scientific community, your answer is most unwelcoming and patronizing, please when someone is asking for help do not try to belittle them.

How about this …did you not find it informative…?

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I did not see this one earlier, thanks for your reply.

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Thats The one I found earlier from quick search using your keyword…:slightly_smiling_face: