Crystallization issues in dietary supplement powder

Hi everyone! I am facing some issues with the crystallization.

The product is a kind of powdered dietary supplement for adults (low protein formula powder), main composition (up to 85%) was oil powder and maltodextrin. I have mixed all the powdered ingredients in lab (in a clear food plastic bag, tied it and left aside).

In within two hours, some dark brown colored crystals/solids were found. As I removed the micronutrients premix powder (MNP) from the formula list, the rest of the powder looked fine and no crystal was formed.

I believe that the problem could be caused by the MNP premix powder, but I have no idea what could cause the problem, and I could find any answers through the internet.

Did anyone experienced similar issues, or anyone knew which kind of the micronutrients could cause crystallization to carbohydrates, protein or oil powder? (All the ingredients are in solid form)

Thank you

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If you relate the composition or what all. the ingredients are in it, it might help in understanding the the cause? :thinking:

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I am just guessing whether which of the minerals powder or vitamin C (ascorbic acid) powder might react with the maltodextrin or oil powder (Canola oil powder, MCT and High oleic sunflower oil powder) cause the formation of the dark solids.

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Many of those components are water soluble and reactive,like chromium chloride, sodium selenate,potassium chloride and potassium iodide.
In admixtures with organic components it can gradually interact.So its best to ask your supplier for stabilized preparation of those components .Or iet them prepare for you the nutrient mixture in stabilized form in appropriate ratio, whete in your side you just add the other major ingredient.

If not feasible as you are formulating it yourself including a separating agent like silicon dioxide in the mixture will reduce the component interaction furthee stabilizing it.
Futher do your formulation in humidity controlled ( Low RH environment) then immeduately pack it to prevent ambient mosture absorption of your made mixes…


Thanks for your advice.

Actually the supplier did made a pre-mixture of the minerals and nutrient for us to add into the formula. We did a storage test and we found that dark brown solids were found like after 2 or 3 weeks, no matter in opening can or individual alunimum foil food pack.

I will consider the environment factor and immediate pack the product. However, it’s could still cause the appearance problem if the product will be packed in can, if the customers do not finish the powder within 4 weeks. :smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear:

Thanks for your advices again!

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It looks like the supplier mixture is not stabilized ,So.adding 0.5% to 1%of silicon dioxide into that nutrients mixture before you blend your bulking agents would help more in minimizing that stability problem.
Deduct that quantity of Silicon dioxide from your maltodextrin…
Ensure also your maltodextrin is low moisture…


I will try the solution you have provided. Thank you so much~

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