Croissant Shelf Life

Looking for idea on long shelf life of bread type Croissant.


What did you try?

How many long?

Any example product?

Long shelf life croissants is made by carefully controlled conditions under suitable facilities…It uses a mother dough or a sort of sourdough culture.
Equipment companies like Rademaker had proprietary recipes and equipment designed for it.
Its not easily reproduced by an ordinary croissant baker due to the technically restricted conditions its made.
If you want to make a practical enterprise out of it better contact the firm I mentioned as they are guaranteed to give you the results you need.One of my previous clients made a successful business out of it thats why I am suggesting to you a fool-proof way to do it.

it is for my client
they only have 7 days

I will communicate

Long shelf life croissants can have 6 to 12 months shelf life and can only be achieved by using specific technologies developed for it.Suitable packaging is also an important factor. The only main disadvantage is huge investments in facilities and personnel training specific for it thats often beyond the budget of an ordinary bakery.

Thanks, it is a auto line and my client has investment capacity for any facility improvement specially packing area sterilization

7 Days is the benchmark brand

Then you better start contacting the firm i mentioned. Surf their websites to discover features that your client may find useful as well as learn an overview of long shelf life bakery products.

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