COVID pandemic

Hello everyone, I need to reply a search from the Australian government and I’d love to hear different opinions from different places to compare, can someone help me?
The question is, how Food Technologist is critical to the health responses to the covid pandemic?
Thanks in advance.

I really don’t see the food technologist is of great significance in this pandemic times. Look many food factories, catering institutions are either closed or running at half or lesser capacity ,Business and economy is down. . Lots of business establishment are letting their employees work from home.
The most important professionals are the health workers,e.g.Doctors, nurses, and allied professions as well as law enforcement officers to ensure peace in these troubled times.
Look those food technologist that worry about they are unemployed are frantically doing these surveys to retain their significance when it’s difficult for them to work from home as their jobs requires a lot of" hands on work" in their jobsites.

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I would think this as a ‘reviewing’ period for food technologist or for the food industry especially the catering side and small scale manufacturers.
The need for hygiene related audits, specification sheets, safety parameters check, QC combined with safe practice check in the factory are the new norm.
In actual our food technologist may not have enough exposure to all these kinds of certifications, and only a certain group of people who work in the regulatory agency might have these transferable skills.
Hence there are modifications required in this level (both industry and academic).
Hope that helps.