Coconut water preservation

Is there any technology for processing of coconut. After processing it could be stored in without using cold storage

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You should study how beverages are preserved, how it will be safely stored even at room temperature and apply it on coconut water…?

FYI… I had tasted many bottles and canned coconut water and there is always a resulting off taste after months of storage…

Even those under refrigeration there is always a detectable flavor changes

In passing I once read an article about an Indian chemical engineer that sterilized coconut water through membrane filtration. I kept that interesting link.


This is still a challenging project that many are trying to pioneer. The stage we are in has been able to cater to only a small group of population, though they are currently available in some few varieties. The turbidity, flavor and translucent properties are under study by many big companies and packaging industry too. More to see in the coming years.