Coating On Nuts


This is Sachin Dhiman, We need to produce flour coated Roasted nuts ( peanut).
Currently We are using sugar syrup as Adhesive and Wheat + Corn Starch in bulking agent.
in pan Coatter.
but the texture of bulking agent is not acceptable
Please Do the Need full

You need to add waxy maize starch and potato starch into your powder mix so it will expand during roasting or frying…20 to 30% of the powder mix is waxy maize starch and 10 to 20% potato starch along with flour 10 to 20% rice flour. The rest is wheat flour with medium gluten content.
Plain cornstarch won’t work. But waxy corn or maize starch will.

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Can you share some photos with us to understand your problem truly?

Good Morning …

We took Trail with Roasted Peanut
Sugar Solution…
62 gm Water
35 gm granulated Sugar
4 gm sodium bi carbonate
2 gm dextrin
heat up to 75 degree calcius

2 nd step.
wheat Flour 60g
Modified starch 40 g,

Peanut qty 500g added sugar solutn 40 g in 6 step and dispersion of bulking agent ( wheat Flour + Modified starch ) in coating pan
then Heated 150 degree for 15 minute .


  1. after taste is full of sweetness.
  2. expansion of starch is not up to mark.
  3. crunchiness and texture is slightly hard

what should be perfect range of applied sugar solution.
what can we do for perfect expansion of starch to increase crunchiness and texture

Please find the attached pic

What type of modified starch are you using?
To control sweetness you should add little salt in your syrup depending upon your taste which you should establish based on your trials .

we are using modified corn starch…

If its plain corn starch that is modified ,it won’t work.
You need waxy maize or waxy cornstarch…

ok thanks.

what is the role of gluten in wheat flour does it help in expansion

Structure and binding only.

What is the purpose of your sodium bicarbonate? Is it just for color?
Perhaps add a bit of citric acid to activate the sodium bicarbonate and it will lessen the crunch to make a more crispy finish.


the purpose to use sodium bi carbonate is to help in expansion of starch

thanks for valuable suggestion.
Now we are using pregelatinized corn starch , by using this texture is good but needs to make more softer the product.
In coating adhesive we are using combination of dextrin with sugar, any other ingredients can be used for better texture of coating.
Coating Adhesive Brix = 40

@Foody …you should use native or pregelatinized waxy type corn starch as that will produce light, softer but crisp textured products.
Plain corn starch ( native or pregelatinized)won’t achieve it

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