Chocolate bars recipe thoughts and opinions

I would like to hear from the experts on this recipe the recipe is made by a baker which there is no lab analysis or test just wanted to hear the opinion on ( shelf life _enchantments _what is the possible additives and stabilizers) or any idea if a food scientist would develop such recipe

The base is :

Peanut butter
Melting the 3 Ingredients
And then add
Hot toasted seasme seeds and sunflower seeds
Then add the dry ingredients
Whey protein powder concentrate or skim milk powder

Cocoa powder

Mix and flat on frames and then shape after it cools down and the mixture will be firm and stable

The recipe video

Please give your opinion and suggestions



More akin to an unbaked brownie bars…

ı think honey includes high moisture and this is a problem for chocolate, it can be agglomeration and we don’t want for chocolate process. maybe you can add honey end of the your process as a decorations .


what kind of chocolate do you want to use ? why add extra cocoa powder in the end and what type ? honey and chocolate are not the best friend. this relationship is very relative to the quality of both. too much peanut butte can influence the solidification process


Dark chocolate
The Cocoa at the end to add extra chocolate flavor
Could you tell why chocolate and honey are not the best together?
What alternative recipe you suggest? What to remove and what to add?

ı wrote up side for honey why dont use honey and choccolate togather. and why do you use honey tthat process for what ? if you use for sugar and you have to use diffrent alternative ı think

sorry , there are thousands of possibilities , in order to suggest you more I need to know to whom you address the product…if you want to build a product for wellness or for women or for children or for sport men or just for fun in any case of it is a different approach. …usually honey came with some water content , depend of source, type, region because of this is hard to mix it with chocolate, …us you probably know sometime honey purity depends of source, could be highly contaminated with chemicals

What is your price point?
This looks like a very expensive product by the time it makes it to retail.
Have you checked water activity? Just judging by the ingredient deck I would say it would be fairly stable other than possible rancidity issues with the sunflower seeds.

Yes the honey is for flavor and texture when heated and cooling it help also firm the bars

What I’m getting here is the honey the only thing is not suitable? What other alternatives?

Yes it kind of expensive when it comes to cost and ingredients types
Sunflower seeds could be removed
There is also seasme seeds in it and peanut butter

By visually it’s still stable for about 2 months now
The goal at least is 6 months

The product could be lebel as gluten free no added sugar or natural ingredients
High protein
Where I live in the country fda rules is not allowed to claim any natural product as its healthy or claim its a healthy snack

Honey could be removed completely if the other ingredients is stable to mix together

Honey is added sugar.
The sesame seeds are not as prone to rancidity as the sunflower seeds would be.
What is happening visually after 2 months? Are you getting bloom from the chocolate?

It’s still stable as the first day no visual changes

I was under the impression you were having issues with shelf life.
Perhaps you should ask more relevant questions after you have determined the time out date for your product.

I appreciate your help thank you

I’m sorry for lot’s of questions should this type of item have any preservatives or additves in general?

Not necessarily. A low enough water activity can keep it shelf stable for the 6 months you are looking to get.
Honey is a good humectant. I would say keep the shelf life study going until 6 months has elapsed and consider preservatives or reformulation if the bar is not acceptable after this time.
Also, consider your packaging. A gas flush or vacuum pack will help you extend the shelf life without preservatives.

A little salt wouldn’t hurt the recipe either.

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Very informative and helpful information
Thank you so much
Will follow up then see what happens

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yes my idea is like that and diffrent alternative can be fruktoz, kslitol etc. for taste of sugar. and this alternative can be cheaper than your alternative

thanks i like your recipe