Chocolate and Milk Flavors

I am developing a new food product and I need Vanilla and Chocolate flavors in powder form without sugar. I already have them in liquid form, but I need them in powder form. Does anybody have an idea if they exist and their names if so?
Thanks in advance.

It exist but often from international flavor companies like IFF, ,( USA) ,Sensient , ( USA) Firmenich, GIvaudan) ,( Switzerland, ), Symrise, ( Australia) Mane ( France) Rikken ,Takasago, Hasegawa ( Japan)…
Local flavor companies don’t have the means to do powdered flavors …


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Hi. you can get Powder flavors easily . Let me know what is the product that you want to develop accordingly flavors can be recommended.

You will get flavors in 2 forms - Encapsulated and Dry blends.

These can be used depending on the application.

Which country are you talking about Mr Roy.? Symrise is from Germany.

In India most of the local flavour houses got Dry Blending facility and yes, Few Indian flavour houses also got Spray Drying facility through which they can produce Powder flavours. Few MNC’s are even depending on Local companies for spray drying :grinning:.

I know the origin of symrise, but I got flavors from their Australian suppliers years back when I was down under more than a decade ago…When I was In southeast Asia I got it from.Singspore …When I was in Bangalore years back I still request flavor from.Japan .I am hesitant to use Indian made spray dried flavors as I don’t find them.as good as made by developed nations , in terms of heat and storage stability, where I often require encapsulated flavors … But food colors from India are good.

It’s a protein shake. I need sugar-free powder chocolate and vanilla flavors. If you could please provide me with names or places where I can find them.
Thank you!

From personal experience the best milk flavor comes from.Rikken and Hasegawa flavors of Japan.They also have an excellent vanilla flavor.You just have to specify the specific profile as there are hundreds if not thousands of variation of both milk and vanilla flavors from flavor houses. .Givaudan ,symrise , IFF had their own.good versions ,These later companies had good dry flavors as well Find their representatives in your own country so they can give you samples…
The selection of flavors starts by asking a specific flavor profile .: For milk, it can be fresh milk, creamy ,condensed milk, etc with specific notes descriptors like lactones,etc.
Vanilla can be bourbon, Madagascar, Tahiti creamy, caramelic notes, etc…

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Vanilla flavour is named as Ethyl vaniline in crystal or powder form.
Chocolate flavor is nothing but cocoa powder which is getting after seperation of cocoa butter from cocoa liquor.
You have to decide the doses as these powders are concentrated.
Fyi please.

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FYI ethyl vanilin is a synthetic derivative of vanillin the main flavoring component of vanilla bean which was never found in nature…
Further the flavor of ethyl vaniiliin is offensive if compared to the complex flavor real vanilla extractive.from its natural source…
Vanillin can be also synthesized from lignin.
Regarding chocolate…
Its true flavoring effect of cacao is in the cocoa powder but in application, its not enough to use it alone it needs to be enhanced with chocolate flavor specially in beverages application…

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but naturally obtained vanillin from vanilla pods are quite expensive.
So most in foods could be the ethyl vanillin, because it is also stronger than methyl vanillin and cheaper too.
Cant remember correctly where in our labs, vanillin was attempted to synthesize from isoeugenol or eugenol.
Anyways all these are now easily vetted by big big flavour companies, hence as suggested earlier just discuss with the flavour company and it can be solved immediately.


Yes, Eugenol and vanillin share basic structural formula for an aromatic structure ( or an having a benzene and methoxy group as base structure) so they are related to vanillin,
,One known synthesis is to isomerize eugenol to isoeugeno( using a catalyst) l then its acetylated( acetic anhydride) to form isoeugenol acetate , which is then oxidized(KMnO4) to vanilin acetate, Then acidification( HCl or H2SO4) of the vanillin acetate will displace the vanillin which is then extracted with solvent, recrystallized , purified until you get vanillin crystals.

I like you answer😊.unnecessarily people are complicating things here. Question is so simple but everyone trying to impress with their technical expertise here. Their suggestions/ proposals are are not practical for every user/manufacturers.

Let me know your base location, where do you want the flavours samples. I can help you with some proposals to try.