Cheese stability

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know about any test methods to assess Cheese’s stability (in cold condition specifically) ?
Mainly to check the same as incoming inspection.



No need to ask…if you consulted Google, you could get your answer immediately. :grinning:

Coagulation temperature affects the microstructure and composition of full fat Cheddar cheese (archives-ouvertes.fr)

Cheese-Storage-Bulletin-4-8-20.pdf (wisc.edu)

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Thank you for doing the Google search & sharing the pdfs.
Appreciate that :slight_smile:
But I guess, my question was not read properly. The google search does commendable job in getting points related to Manufacturing of cheese & extending shelf life .
I am looking at assessing manufactured cheese stability as part of Quality check. (Analytical method)
Also, asking such questions on this forum is to get some practical tried & tested answers. I hope you will understand why only Google search is not exhaustive approach to find answer, definitely good as a starting point though. :slight_smile:

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I would suggest you to do micro-bacterial test, moisture content testing for dryness, fat oxidation, texture analysis with texture analyzer, and last the flavor with descriptive analysis by some trained panelists. Do those tests in several time interval to get the best result.

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