Cheese stability

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know about any test methods to assess Cheese’s stability (in cold condition specifically) ?
Mainly to check the same as incoming inspection.



No need to ask…if you consulted Google, you could get your answer immediately. :grinning:

Coagulation temperature affects the microstructure and composition of full fat Cheddar cheese (archives-ouvertes.fr)

Cheese-Storage-Bulletin-4-8-20.pdf (wisc.edu)

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Thank you for doing the Google search & sharing the pdfs.
Appreciate that :slight_smile:
But I guess, my question was not read properly. The google search does commendable job in getting points related to Manufacturing of cheese & extending shelf life .
I am looking at assessing manufactured cheese stability as part of Quality check. (Analytical method)
Also, asking such questions on this forum is to get some practical tried & tested answers. I hope you will understand why only Google search is not exhaustive approach to find answer, definitely good as a starting point though. :slight_smile:

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