Caramelized onions

Hello everyone!
Trying some new products! I just started researching the caramelized onions. I tried a batch in my double jacket pasteurizer but it took forever for them (4-5 hours) to boil and not to be crunchy! any suggestions for the production?Any help concerning any matter for caramelized onions would be helpful as I don’t really know the product!
Thank you!

If you noticed how chefs use high heat in caramelized onions to a crisp then its your equipment is the problem…

Thank you for your answer!
I use a boiling tank…What would you suggest that I should use?
Thank you!

You should study first how Caramelized onions are made…The web had so much information about it.Spoon feeding you won’t help develop your research skills; you should have the initiative to find relevant information…

If it’s just flavour I am sure playing around with various onion and smoke extracts will give you that taste

Seems to me you are trying for a sweet caramelized onion, such are you would use in French onion soup, and not a high heat crispy onion, is that correct?