Canteens and Restaurants

How can I completely prevent flies from coming into the dining area in my canteen or restaurant. I have already installed an insectocutor but it’s not helped so far.
Ps. The doors are not left opened. It’s only opened when people are coming in.


basically, you can use electrical EFK fly killer and many food company are using that. it can be very helpful for you.Ekran Alıntısı.PNG

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It will be expensive…
Putting two doors between a compartment or an ante room (before it reaches the dining area) where there’s are more efficient insecutors are installed to enable flies that strayed in to loiter around ,get lured and eliminated .
But first
You also had to identify the source of the flies if there is an uncovered garbage bin , poultry or piggery nearby something similar that causes a congregation of flies to occur .
It will require the assistance of the local government health authorities sort that out.
Its not sanitary to open a canteen or restaurant where filth and garbage rotten odors abound…Generally before an operating license is provided to a restaurant the hygiene and sanitation of location should be first passed…

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You can install air curtains if you can afford one. Self closing doors too will help to prevent the flies from coming in.


Thanks Roy.
Especially with checking the source… I will check that again. Except that it appears to be a season where flies come in abundance as the rainy season ends.
So I’ll go back to check all possible sources.

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There are 2 methods we have to install them together

1- spray insecticide out the restaurant
2- ultraviolet bar for fly attraction

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hi, not sure if this make sense, while it all depends on what kinds of materials are inside your kitchen, store room, and outdoors (your compounded wall where the restaurant is located), or if its near some beach - all matters.

  • Identify the type of flies since they are commonly classified based on what they feed and where they could be found
    -ie, are they house flies, fruit flies, blow flies, drain flies
    -House flies eat garbage to human food, so it can really spread lots of diseases (pathogen spread)
    -Fruit flies as we know eat on damaged /ripe fruits.
    Pest management, control strategies or some barriers (economical way) like light traps, sticky hanging fly traps, door sealants where applicable, door nets (additional frame), curtains, or repelling plants like citronella, lemon grass or pandan or whatever available at your area including basil …
    Hope these little things might add value.
    Addtionally how about a display notice on the door: asking to close door tightly whenever used (not really possible if its a very crowded area though)…while it helps both parties.
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Like you said, flies are seasonally abundant in some regions. While you do a root cause analysis, ensure that you thoroughly scrutinize your sanitation and hygiene before looking at those beyond your control.
The first point is your kitchen area. From your statement the focus is on the canteen area. Ensure that your kitchen has window and door screens, no left overs,decaying and open waste. The flies could come in through the backdoor and enter the kitchen then from there proceed to the canteen through the connecting door. This said, sanitation and pest control in the kitchen and storage area is very important.

Incoming raw materials should be checked properly. Some raw food supplies can introduce flies into your premises. Make sure they are well packaged, no signs of decaying parts and supply trucks should be hygienic too.

Another area is the toilet/restrooms.If they are not well situated, sanitized and insect proof they could cause flies to get into the canteen. These should be cleaned regularly and sprayed with non irritant insecticide when necessary. Check the drains for leaks and vents should have screens too.

The canteen area which is your major area of concern requires several strategies. Just like the kitchen, the tables and other surfaces should be cleaned regularly. Left overs should be evacuated promptly. All the windows and doors should have screens and they should be checked for holes once in a while. Insectocutors should be installed like you have done( though not above eating tables), then non irritant insecticide should be sprayed at night when there are no customers. Then for the entrance, self closing doors are the best( the simplest is by the use of springs). Like I’ve mentioned before, if you have the means you can also use powerful air curtains to keep the flies out. One strategy used where I worked before was a door man/security. The doorman(extra salary) opens and closes the door when the customers come in and when they leave.

You have little control outside your immediate premises. Ensure that your waste bins are lidded and are kept far away as possible from your food preparation and service areas. Ensure that your wastes are evacuated promptly and also spray insecticides there. If you discover that the flies are coming from a neighbour with their waste bin close to your fence, there’s little you can do other than to prevent entry to flies from there. If it’s an understanding neighbour they can listen to you and relocate their waste or store them appropriately if you complain to them. You can also volunteer to provide an appropriate waste bin for your neighbour( I doubt if they’ll accept though).

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First of all you need to identify your problems. Good way find a pest control firm. If a professional firm come your restaurant, they can check everythigs. So they can solve your problems same time or maybe they will give some advices.

Electric fly trap with glue board and air curtains are good solutions. But first of find to real problems.

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