Can curd be dehydrated?

Can curd be dehydrated?

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Curd can be produced through acidification or by rennet action… Its mostly caseinproteins, milk fat and some minerals ,It can be dried to form cottage cheese . Further Dehydrating that curd cheese will ultimately form greasy cheese solids which can be ground to a powder depending if the amount of fat left in the curd which will affect the grinding efficiency.
It is not an easy process if you start from the curd…So the answer is; dehydrating it directly is impractical…

Thankyou so much for your response.

It depends on your method. If you use Enwave technology to dehydrate you end up with a light and crispy snack.

As similiar to all gel matrix which combined naturally from protein, fat and air bubbles, there will be all time syneresis risk by dehydration due to very specific conditions .