Audits pain points

Now for the ones receiving the inspection… What is the most sacred thing about an inspection and what is the worse thing you had experience?

I think each audit is very stressfull. every time you have to be to pay attention about it. if you have chance from auditors. it can be very easy but opposite side it will be stressfull. Last week we took new generation BRC audit and everything did go nice. finally we took it about sertificate. Espcially You should be kind to auditors. you souldnt have any personally issue between you and auditors.

Thank you for answering. It is hard to read that the pain point is the relationship with the auditor. They should be professional and don’t be influenced by this, but at the end we all are human beings! Me I ask you another question? What do you do to be ready for an audit? What are the last few things you review? The cleanliness of the facility? Your records? Your employee’s practices? What is the most complicated thing there? Thank you!

You are welcome. Espcially you need a control list about your proses and I think it must include very general and it has to have detailed. I think all certificcate system is same almost. just it can be diffrent specific a little things. We take 10 audits each year almost. and we are ready every time our all of employes. we are creating that certificate systems our process.
we are looking about most pay attention points. it is CCP CCP are very important about our process and other applications. for example customer complaint, foreign metters, cleanliness documantary, personaly app. process schemas very important and it has to be up to date all of it.

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