Artificial food flavouring

Hello fstdesk team

Does any one know any standard for artificial food flavouring?

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Not clear. How a standart? Which product for?

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I mean general and specific requirements for any artificial food flavouring
Eg there is a codex standard for food additive but they have not talked about artificial food flavouring…
It is getting hard to certify our products cause we don’t have any standard specifications for artificial food flavouring

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in regulations you can find limits about flavours both natural and artifical. Which codex do you check?

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Limits is not our concern but how do we make sure that we produce quality and safe products for human consumption?

That’s where we need a standard in which from it we will develop our products

Just FYI what we are doing is just simple dilutions. So we import flavour bases and we just come to dilute it with several solvents/ carriers

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got it now but i think you can not find that info in codex. you need more.

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@Theresia food flavoring belong to food additives, There are so many articles in the web about codex ,rules, in food additives but you never cared to search …

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you google
standard specifications for artificial food flavouring
you will get so many results


My dear I couldn’t just raise a topic here without really doing any efforts to explore what is in the net first
To the best of my understanding I failed to get a standard specifically for artificial food flavouring

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I have tried that but nothing really is specific
There is one for food additives but no specific and general requirements for artificial food flavouring

Sure and I have really tried to exhaust what is in the Internet and I couldn’t just find what I need

let me try bets to support you some more specific way

Have you tried browsing Fenaroli Handbook ( 5th edition )of Flavor Ingredient by George Burdock, ISBN 0-8493-3034-3
where regularlory status and limits of flavoring chemicals as well as the approved dose for food and beverage are listed
Another book is Flavorings- Production, Composition Applications and Regulations (2nd Ed). By Herta Zeigler. ISBN 978-3-527-31406-5
A comprehensive source book for flavor formulators where the limits and doses in flavor formulations are also listed .
I think there is an ebook version for these tomes…
I think its time you go to the food science library for that matter…or search the web for ebook versions…:wink:

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Gladly waiting for your inputs

Oh thanks let m try to dig into your suggestions

I managed to get the e copies for both
I can see a bright future as far as my query was concerned
Thanks buddy

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I am not sure what Country you are in but in most cases the regulations for the specific country has sections on flavouring compounds, both natural and artificial. For Canada in the Food & Drugs Regulations : DIVISION 10Flavouring Preparations
Food and Drug Regulations (justice.gc.ca)



position paper from US: USDA National Organic Program and

the National Organic Standards Board

Thanks for the input
I am from Tanzania :tanzania:

International Organization of The Flavor Industry (IOFI) (cfs.gov.hk)

International Symposium on Food Flavours from International Organization of the Flavour Industry

hope this information may provide some insight…

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