AOAC Methods

As we all know AOAC methods are methods specific to a certain product, component etc. resulting to its limitations. The question is, can we use this methods for other products? For example, AOAC 942.15 is a method for determining TA values of fruit and fruit products, can we use this method in sauces or products with acetic acid or other products not related to fruit to determine its TA value? Another example is AOAC 935.47, method for determining salt as sodium chloride in meat products, can this method be used in determining salt content as NaCl in other products like powders high in salt?

The statement is clear,if the analysis was designed for meat then it implies it does not provide the same optimum accuracy for other products. So its the same as the rest of other analytical procedures.


Since it is impossible to have methods of all analytes for all matrix, there is the possibility of you performing an internal validation, comparing results of the method you want to use with a method already existing for the matrix / analyte. ISO 17025:2017 Item