About paratha or chapati breakage

I am working in flour based frozen foods factory. But frequently we faced complain for breaking of Paratha or Chapati. I know it is one of the caused of cold chain breakage. I want to ask have their any ingredient that could be used which will retain the paratha shape instead of temperature fluctuation. If any ingredients that can be used for preventing breaking problems?

Do you want your paratha or chapati to be always flexible and soft and does not break easily even when stored…?You can add a bacterial amylase preparation thar makes those products better than without. .
Bakezyme fresh XL from DSM, MaxLife from Dupont and Novamyl from Novozymes .Please contact your local distributors of that international enzyme manufacturer

I don’t know much about chapati but I believe some xanthan gum will help to prevent breaking.

Gums would add strength making it less breakable but would it retain softness…?I compare chapati to wheat tortillas and pita flat bread where the presence of enzyme during processing improves its texture and handling quality…Emulsifier like monoglycerides, SSL ,CSL do the bring improvement. However all those stuff including gums like Xanthan, cellulose, and guar gum
not fit " Clean Label"…trend …due to E and INS numbers. Anyway
Lets leave to the OP the decision…

Where I am working it’s a growing and least turnover manufacturing company. If I get diplomatic solution which will cost effective and also maintain best quality would be more helpful to me. #Mr Roy you told about to use enzyme, it’s can’t be found easily and also costly. We manufacturing now without using any agent yet and mostly facing complain for breaking of Paratha and Chapati because of retailer’s unconsciousness of cold chain maintenance. If I get any idea or ingredients which is cost effective, help to increase mouthfeel, availability in local market will so helpful to me.
Thank you

Mr Hasan you only use 50 to 100 parts per million of enzyme or about 2.5 to 5 grams per 50 kg flour …IF enzyme cost 3000 Bangladesh taka per kg then 5grams per bag of flour is just cheap…just barely 15 Bangladesh Taka additional.expense per bag .resulting in better product flexibility, texture yield and keeping quality.
But as it’s not easy to buy enzyme in small.amounts .The minimum amount is around 25 kg box which is a huge investment. But that ingredients had a shelf life of 2 years if you store it cool…below 20 deg C.or better under refrigeration.
If you can’t get it now
You can go to a local bakery ingredients supplier and buy a bread or dough softener additive or improver, Its not exactly the same but it softens your product.
It might cost you a bit more as it has higher dosage but even if you spend 70 Bangladesh Taka more per bag for the additional ingredients,it is more than enough to recoup your broken products improving product quality and reputation at the same time .

Many thanks for your kind information. I will try to get your suggestions.

@Hasan ,as The Bread softener is most available in the bakery supplies that should be your first objective. If you find it and not sure just come back and ask here for verification…
If you can find international brands like DSM, Dupont or Novozymes in Dhaka please inquire as well about bread softening enzymes (from their local distributors.) I mentioned.
Good Luck…!

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