Whey water solution?

I need solution for cheese whey water what to do with it if m not want to waste it

Recycling whey is already a decades old knowledge The internet had plenty of information about it.please look for in and see which is applicable in your case…

recently some researchers did fermentation and prepared wine.

You can boil it down to make gjetost.
Re-acidulate it for ricotta.
Make whey butter.
Use it as an ingredient in baking.
Spray dry it.
There are many options, but if your volume is small you will have a hard time finding someone to process it.

You can utilize it for preparation of whey based beverages, they can be fermented, fruit juice incorporated, cereal incorporated, and many more.

The first step is to demineralise the whey thereafter the demineralised whey can be applied for formulation of a number of functional foods

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Add value to it like whey drink

The problem with these various suggestions for the recycling of raw whey is, if its within the financial and ,technical capabilities of the OP to invest on it and getting good ROI.?.
This is the reason why small time dairy processor would rather dispose separated raw whey as waste…