Using soy protein and soy lecithin in meat

can i use 30% soy protein concentrate in beef patties for good textures without affect flavor or i use soy lecithin 30% in beef patties for good texture and flavour?
plz suggest me other % of both soy lecithin or soy protein for good texture without affecting flaour of beef patties and also without affecting with any heat treatmnet for long shelf life

Soy protein in form of concentrates and isolates are added to burger patties to stabilize the fat and increasing product firmness. IT also binds water
If you have high level of fat and water between 3 to 6% of soy protein is required, if its a low in fat and water then1 to 2% of soy protein us needed.
You need to disperse the soy protein in 4 parts water…before adding to the burger formula.

if using soy flour 30%?
mostly in market TSP or TVP names are used …

is soy lecithin used in beef patty?
my secondary purpose is to increase palatability for a long time and also economical safe product without affecting quality

Soy flour had beany taste .
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@Roy these soy protein % are based on total mass(including all ingredient)?