Treatment for breast cancer from the pigeon pea

Need to know about medicinal values of pigeon pea…and also extract the medicinal values for breast cancer from pigeon pea

Is that a school assignment…?
Then you should look for answers yourself as there’ are heaps of medicinal information about pigeon pea.
You just have to surf the web and choose the information you need. As for its anticancer effect the theme is more for pharmacology or medicinal chemistry than food science and technology which the latter is the main concern of this group…


@Md001 - hi, can tell us why you picked pigeon pea for this ? thanks

Thank you so much for your valuable response.for your kind information it’s not a school project,I want to do research on anticancer cells or medicinal values which are present in pigeon pea. If you a y thing about that please you can share with me it will help me to go further.
Thank you

Because I have that grain in my area in large is only used as a food purpose,I thought that why should I use it for some medication purpose? That’s why I picked pigeon pea.

You can do better and faster by having initiative to look the information in the web by yourself. You are lucky as Internet is prevalent now but during my time we only had books and science journals to depend our source of information ,But we had lots of initiative. Now you have the world wide web and your library and you still want to be Spoonfed for information…?:neutral_face:
How can you achieve your lofty goal if you don’t begin by doing some effort in background information search in order to see if the task on mind is within your capabilities…?

Thats great @Md001, do start to work on plans for develop some food products or its incorporation after getting more details on its nutritional data (online you can get it as well instead of spending money on analysis). Further design an economically feasible plan todevelop the product and go ahead… Best wishes

Thank you @nanoscientist for your support and suggestion