Technical or Business Co-Founder (Cohort Autumn 2021)

Do you have a scientific, technical or business background and want to be part of revolutionising the future of food? Join us as a commercial or technical founder to build a scalable high-impact startup that creates a better future for humans, animals and the planet.

Counterfactual Ventures is an all-in-one venture studio, incubator, VC fund, R&D institute, and talent sourcing firm led by an experienced team with backgrounds across Food X, Founder’s Factory, Intellectual Ventures, L’Oreal, HP, Entrepreneur First, NASA, and Cambridge. We believe that replacing factory farming with more humane, sustainable, equitable and nutritious alternatives is an increasingly urgent global need.

For more details and a video about this opportunity by our CEO, visit us at Counterfactual

Seems to be no takers for that overly ambitious projects …:roll_eyes: