Roasted salted nuts


Good morning.

We want to produce roasted salted & Flavored nuts ( Cashew, Almond, Peanut ) without frying
some one having good exposure for manufacturing the same
Please let me know

If you need a consultant then post it in that consultancy .not in product development…

Drying is alternative of frying

Baking which is at higher temperature than drying is alternative to frying, to turn out reduced fat snacks including nuts.

I suggest drying by use of dryer with slower RPM of conveyor and at temperature of 70 degree Celsius which help to maintain color, taste and texture

Slow drying yields flavorless nuts due to the absence of Maillards reaction.It also makes the nuts tough and chewy textured…

Baking is the best process. Maillard reactions are necessary to generate flavors. On the other hand, heating generates microperforations favoring oxidation. The useful life time is reduced by half.