Jam production

Hey guys. I’m working on product development using baobab as a pectin source instead of industrial pectin. My jam however has not really stabilized. Wheredo you think I’m going wrong? I am a second year student currently. I am making jackfruit jam. Kindly assist.

@Njoki …Maybe your jam recipe was not right and the recipes are not balanced, as its a school work then you should search the web or read fruit processing books from your library for standardized jam recipes that you can try. Your instructor could be your immediate source of guidance,
As a student its best to cultivate initiative of searching for solutions by yourself from wide venues like library and the web…
Science degree aspirants that lacks that virtue of initiative would find their future difficult as most science problems requires focused thought and independent thinking, plus the courage and tenacity to persist in solving out the problem,
, If you thrive on asking for help every time you had a small problem you will not able cultivate good research habits that will be useful to you in the future career.


I rarely post on this but i simply had to just to say EXCELLENT ANSWER @Roy
Initiative, drive and tenacity cannot be emphasized enough in preparation for the real world of food especially because complexity only multiplies as you scale up.

Thanks for your reply @BobO ,
I just feel sad that many young people now are just too lazy to find the answer from simple questions inspite in the presence of so much information venues available to them: the internet and the library.
I am really worried about the future of these people, now that automaton, artificial intelligence, robotics is gradually implemented in many industries…In time human employees will be useless… Unless they had bleeding edge and cutting edge abilities and skills valuable to their employers they will surely end up in the scrap heap of useless humans…that might end up as slaves of the robots .,…The quality of teaching in schools should be revamped /rehabilitated as the age old systems of following order and doing what being told is obsolete.
Initiative is a very important asset as that is one yardstick of how good you arein your chosen career…

Thank you for the good advice @Roy… I will that information to my favor🙏. Off to the library.

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