In need for Urgent help with CIP process

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re doing well!

My name is Jalal, I live in melbourne australia, an I am working on an automated mik dispenser. Now I’m facing an issue with cleaning in place. There seems to always be bacteria left after the cleaning process.

Lines are beer lines with 6 mm diabeter.

Chemicals tested so far:
Cafetto Chill SDS (V1, English, 190323).PDF (157.2 KB)

The process is as follows:
-Chemical wash, pumping chemicals for to refill the line’s capacity for 5 minutes with 1 minute intervals.
-Rinse 10 x amount of chemicals gone through.

And I’m left with approx max 4100 cfu/swab in some parts and <10 cfu/swab in others.

Help me please. I do not understand what is happening

FS8000 CIDSAN[SDS-NOV-2020].pdf (350.7 KB)

rinza_tablet_us_english_u0920.pdf (381.0 KB)

And other chemicals