Food colours

How can one extract the orange colour in avocado seeds for use in enhancing appearance of other food products??

The avocado seed color is enzyme activated through polyphenol oxidase. If you cut the avocado seed it’s color less but gradually change to brownish orange upon oxidation in air.
The way to extract it is to peel the seeds and cut and mince then add about 70% deionized water, then put in a food processor or a blender to form a pasty mass.
Spread that pasty mass on a clean surface, say around an hour to generate color from polyphenol oxidase reaction.
To extract the color, put the colored paste in a beaker, add an equivalent weight of ethanol then with high speed stirrer, agitate it to allow the color to seep into the alcohol /water mixture.
Add twice the amount of ethanol and centrifuge it at 1200 to 1500 rpm. To
Separate the upper layer(supernatant)from the residue.
Vacuum dry the supernatant to remove the volatile ethanol.
Freeze dry the residue from vacuum drying to remove the residual water.
Ground the plates of colored freeze dried residue to powder…There you got your Foo color.


National Dairy Research Institute Karnal develope a technology for the extraction of natural colorant from natural ingredients. You can contact with Dr. Neelam Upadhyay.

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Would you also explain why you choose to extract orange colour from avocado seeds (not on an experimental perspective), but how economically possible is this process and outcome of this work?
Sustainability, food waste are all growing everywhere, but challenging when it comes to practical applications.

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Thanks i appreciate. This has been helpful

Hello. Its just that i saw someone making avocado spread and then extracted the orange colour from avocado seeds to enhance the appearance of the spread but i didn’t know how it was done so i decided to ask here.Thanks

Thanks for lending a helping hand.:wink::blush: