Food anti-caking agent

Hi all!

Tell me, please, maybe someone understands anti-caking agents.

I need an anti-caking agent that will prevent clumping and caking of the powder. The powder consists of several components (glucose, salt, sodium citrate, citric acid, sodium and potassium chlorides). Ideally, the anti-caking agent should dissolve in water and of course be harmless to humans.

What is the best anti-caking agent in your opinion?
One technologist advised to use bentonite and cellulose. Bentonite as a moisture-retaining agent, cellulose as an agent to aid in powder flow. But both agents do not dissolve in water, plus bentonite gives a black precipitate.

Silicon dioxide is often used, but it also does not dissolve in water and precipitates.

Maybe there are still good options, I would be grateful for the answer!

Try calcium silicate

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Hi Inchcape,

Don’t forget the humidity content of the packing mixing area.

Install dehumidifiers and aim for <70% R.H. at all times.

Also use poly prop packaging as a moisture barrier as it is far superior the poly ethylene.


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Magnesium stearate