Controlling mold growth in tortilla wraps

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Warendo, from Papua New Guinea.
We have just started a new line of product, which is plain Tortilla Wrap. I am now running a shelf-life test to see how I may implement a process to control mould growth and extend shelf life. I would like to learn more about this product food safety and control.
Will need assistance in links or anyone who is more seasoned in the Bakery industry to assist.


New Guinea is hot and humid nation where extreme control of conditions is needed to improve the shelf life of such high Aw products. as tortilla wraps
One thing I can suggest, is to implement strict hygiene and sanitation during the production of such product from selection of suppliers quality control standardsof raw materials, , reception and storage of ingredients, up to the packaging of the finished product,storage and distribution.
Maybe for a start , a local guywith HACCP and GMP knowledge and experience can assist you.there
Or if not …
Or you can ask assistance from Australian bakery associations
As they are the nearest country that often provides assistance to NEW Guinea.
Regarding improving shelf life, if all processing conditions are up to standards, then implementing modified atmosphere packaging might help.
The Australian experts are also good in that…
BTW, regarding mold prevention, there are ingredients that inhibit that but if the processing conditions are at fault, those ingredients are of little importance…


I think You can use Calcium Propionate @ 2000-3000 ppm, which is mostly used to control mold growth in bread if permitted by your national food regulation beside implementing hygiene and sanitation standard.

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As Roy suggest, control the water activity. You can also use soluble(vegetable gums) or insoluble Fibres like wheat Fibre, Oats Fibre if avoiding wheat allergy for anti staling as when you normally extend shelf life, you encounter this problem too.


You can also use the Calcium Propionoate along or in combo with the Natural acetates.

The quality of the flour and environment hygiene goes a long way in giving extra days that count.

Good luck with your trials.



To prevent mold growth in moist bakery products is to observe hygiene and sanitation, work in a clean , air-conditioned room, sanitize all equipment and place the finished packed product in an air tight container inside a refrigerator/freezer. you may also use Calcium propionate at FDA-approved level.



For best results You really need a bakery consultant to check your bakery production situation so he can help you provide ideas and information that will led to the solution of your multifarious problems related to your tortilla wraps.
Unfortunately during global.pandrmic its very difficult for someone qualified to risk travel to your location.
Your alternative solution is to consult with the Australian bakery organization hoping they can help you online .
This group could only provide ideas, such as mentioned in posts related to your thread… Hygiene & Sanitation. ,according to GMP.,proper use of mold and antimicrobial additives.
If you have implemented hygienic means in your production from raw materials preparation to baking, then you carefully cool it down in a very sanitary room ,baked items untouched by bare hands .Then you can start using these additives according to your nations regulations…
To prolong softness and flexibility of tortilla you can add gums (like CMC, guar and xanthan,) enzymes like bacterial amylase, water activity reducing agent like glycerin.which ever you find preferable .


Thank you Roy,

I will review our facility hygiene and sanitation practices with out Bakery manager.
Almost all our raw ingredients are sourced from AU/NZ.

Truly appreciate you time and assistance.

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@dungchung8 @Roy @waynevannieuwenh thank you for the time and advice, will look into the hygiene and sanitation of our facility.

@tulsi Will have to check against our national standards and requirements.