Chocolate Tempering Machines

Chocolate Tempering Machine is designed for chocolate production, can be used for tablets, chocolates, Easter eggs production and among others.
They are used for pre-crystallization of covered or molded chocolate, where the crystals β and β type are formed, resulting in a better brightness, increasing the shelf life and improving the unmolding.
For the tempering machine process, the equipment is composed of three or more water circuits, that is, these circuits have the purpose of control the stages in the discs through which the chocolate circulates.
Inside these disks there are scrapers with the purpose of scrape and mix the chocolate, making the chocolate homogenization.
For cooling the water inside the circuit, it is used cold water (supplied by the customer), allowing to lower the chocolate temperature through the water that circulates around the disks and reaching the ideal chocolate temperature to the perfect process.
The equipment has a simple access electronics in its operations, allowing the side doors to be opened for easy cleaning and maintenance.
This is this the simple equipment for an excellent end result.
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