Spring roll sheets

Hi Team,
We are undergoing the process of installing a spring roll wraps making machine for our existing vegan spring rolls product. Thus, in the trial process, we face problems related to drying. The batter is sprayed onto a rolling drum that dries up the sheet by heating which is then scraped off to form thin sheets.
Trial 1: the sheet dried up completely but brittle and unfoldable (at 150 deg C)
Trial 2: Similar problems faced by lowering the temperature by 1 deg C till 120 deg C
Trial 3: At 120 deg C the sheets were perfect at the bottom but wet on the top
Trial 4: on lowering the temperature below 120 deg C the heat was not sufficient to heat the drum

Please advise on this…

Can you show us the formulation,…?I think that’s the factor that needs readjustment…

Are you able to use a slower drum speed at the lower temperatures?

I think you should consider the following parameters

  1. Speed of the drum
    2.optimal Temperature and
  2. Time
    You may want to consider ingredient composition that is blends formulation like amount of moisture/water, fat etc

Thanks for your suggestions will look to it.

Have you tried adding any kind of additives to improve the moisture retention properties of the sheet itself.

On yet another note, what is the main difference between a dumpling wrapper and a spring roll sheet? Are they nearly of same composition and texture.
Because the dryness is a common issue for dumpling wrappers as well.

Hi, thanks for your time, you are right we did adjustments in the consistency basically. it is working fine, but it took a quite lot of time and lot of trials.

it could be the thickness. isn’t it?

Pretty sure dumpling wrappers are made from a rolled dough and spring roll wrappers are made from a very loose dough that is used to coat a hot surface by applying and removing.

yes, no heating was applied for the sheet used to make dumpling wrappers, but due to a low moist dough, it ultimately cause issues such as ‘dryness’ for the wrappers. Incorporating some glycerol monostearate to see if this can be improved. Also phosphates, which is still in trial. Any other suggestions? Alternatively we are trying to replace a small portion of flour with guar gum to see any difference. Thank you

Spring roll wrapper is made from a batter while dumpling wrapper is made from a dough.
This mean the spring roll wrapper us wet while the dumpling is not.
Further drying of drying of dumpling dough can be minimized if you put some fat in it.
Dumpling wrapper for frying and steaming are slightly different from boiled ones.Boiled dumpling wrapper is made with medium protein flour while the steamed and fried ones could be a blend of flour and starch.
Its best to make dumpling wrapper with hot water as it will partly gelatinuze some of the flour starch to keep it soft and it will hydrate faster…

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@Roy Thank you. Sure, the hot water trick is such a good point.
The one which i mentioned is mostly for steaming purposes, but again many thanks for hihglighting the difference in protein content of flour required (based on its application).

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Try alpha amylase in batter, will help.
Can also try bleached flour, but not required…