Shelf life extension of papad

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I am looking for suggestions on how we can enhance the shelf life of papad which is generally served as an appetizer in India. The current shelf life of the product is 15 days. The recipe includes: refined wheat flour, rice flour, urad or black gram lentil flour, oil and sodium bicarbonate.
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15 days for prepared dried papad disks that are put in moisture proof packaging.?
I had seen previously years back papad packages thats sold in Indian groceries that have shelf life of many months. One location was in Bangalore India…
You should look into how those papad manufacturers were able to attain that.

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Yes, prepared papad in moisture proof packaging. Currently, no preservatives have been used. Few manufacturers use calcium propionate as a preservative. There are manufacturers who are able to attain more than 6 months of shelf life without using any preservatives. What could be other ways of attaining better shelf life without the usage of preservatives?

Without preservatives.
You should look carefully in your manufacturing process to be done with utmost hygiene and sanitation including the workers . Every raw material brought in should be monitored for microbial count where you had strict standards of what is permittedto be used in the production process …Equipment and facilities regularly sterilized, if possible even the ambient atmosphere should be filtered, the packaging done using modified atmosphere.packaging…
If your facility can follow such strict manufacturing standards then your papad will last long…

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Thank you.