pH in chocolate

How to check the pH in dark chocolate, what should be the pH in chocolate ?

Why bother asking a generic question you can easilly find the answer yourself in the web.?

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You never tried finding answers to generic question but expected being spoon fed…:joy:
Btw i want those that ask question first use their initiative to find answers before asking others to fihd it for you.
The problem with many younger generations is their laziness and utter dependence that they lose focus in using their own intelligence to solve problems.

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Your opinion doesn’t matter, thank you :grin:

LOL You claimed out you tried finding it
…as i verified ,recently there is HEAPS of information in google about chocolate pH…:laughing:

Truth hurts huh, you lazybones…:joy:

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Hi Cemille,

pH is not something usually measured in chocolate.

The product safety is dependent on the low moisture content and low water activity.

Heres a link