Mycotoxins : Need a solution on neutralizing them in the infected feed

There are a lot of articles on using ozone gas or microwaves for neutralizing the mold (fungi) and somewhat the micotoxins they produce. Though I haven’t found any good grounds and proves to the actual results of such tests that would be scalable and workable on industrial basis. If you have experience with micotoxins, please share

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Have a look at this topic

thank you. I’ve read through the Aflatoxin topic already and it is giving great advises except for I need knowledge specifically on the neutralization of the existing mycotoxins, not only the inhibition of mold and prevention.
UV method has some good feedbacks, though industrial usage has not been proved so far as I understood.
Hopefully in the community there are some cases and experiences to share

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Have you tried ammonia, acetic acid , sodium bisulfite, sodium hypochlorite - any of these?

How about organic acid treatments: propionic, butyric acid , benzoic acid , sorbic acid , lactic, citric acid and their sodium salts.

Aflatoxins are destroyed to a good extent during the processing , milling, heating, cooking etc etc… but 100% assuring of its removal or control need more investigation.

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I only know about mycotoxin binders used in feed production. There are several of them available in the market.

WOuld you mind Sharing those names of the binders please that you have tried.

Below are some I can recall

Moldstop- by Impextraco
Klinofeed by Unipoint Ag
Mycofix by Biomin
Escent S by Innovad.

However, I will advise that the infected feed should be treated with toxin binder and mixed with fresh feed in a ratio of 1:5 and above. If it’s a mash feed then it should pass through the hygienizer at up to 85c then if it is pellets it should be milled and taken through the pelleting process while mixing with the fresh feed.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks @Endee

Was trying to understand what they contain:

Mold stop = main ingredient is Propionic acid Ammonium propionate Emulsifier Natural extract|.

Mycofix: Enzyme mix that neutralizing the toxic effects of trichothecins, zearalenone, ochratoxin A and fumonisins

Escent: Hydrated Na-Ca Aluminium silicates, Inactivated yeast and yeast extracts (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), plant derivatives, Calcium propionate, BHT (Butylated Hydroxytoluene), Ethoxyquin, Citric acid.

Klinofeed: is a feed additive produced from a silicate mineral

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no we havn’t tried any of those yet. Just started investigating. Thank you for your recommendations!
Are production is 100% organic (bio) and that is another constraint we have in regards to usage of treatment. If you have any knowledge on that, pls kindly share

Interesting topic, created a short write up on ‘mycotoxins’… Noticed there are quite a number of papers from Africa related to this, and huge impact on farmers and businesses involved in exporting grains, nuts, spices etc.
Thanks Endee

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