MSc. FST research topic needed (Product development)

Hello senior members. I am the student of MSc. FST. from Pakistan. I am in trouble in choosing research topic. Can you please suggest me a research topic related to Product development? in bakery, milk, beverage, etc.

My advice ,shut your cellphone…focus on things that interest you in your course that you can use as your research topic…
Concentrate on that matters that drives you to take such masters course as there should be a food item that you are interested with worth investigating and making a work out of it
Asking others for such advice is absurd as the success of your research comes entirely ftom. your own dedication and concerted effort.
if during your course work you can’t think clearly what to topic pursue is because of many distraction you are experiencing…


Yes @Roy sir you are right. I just wanted to take some guidance or idea. I am interested in Biscuits, beverages and milk. I am also researching via google scholar, and mamy more. I just need an idea to act upon and find my topic

@Muhammad_Saleem …You already had the concept in mind ; you just need to focus on specific issues that catches most of your interest…
Which among the food you mentioned you want to study more.
What needs further study within the limits of your knowledge and abilities
The idea must come from your deep thoughts.
As again your problem is focus…Avoid being scatteebrsim …

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