Masking sour taste

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Do any of you have experience with masking sourness (from organic acids) without affecting pH?
The whole process of making this product is wet (vegetables, potatoes).
Sugar and sodium in this product are a no go.

Thank you!

how about using tri sodium citrate, sodium/ potassium lactate etc (partly), Give a try on various ratios

Thank you!
But won’t adding the neutral version (e.g potassium lactate) of the acid (e.g. lactic acid) increase the taste of the acid even further?

@Khem - Need to do some optimization study, as it might help only with your second aim (not deviating much from pH). But yes sourness need to be checked and worked on the ratios of various organic acids: such salts…
How about using corn syrup as your sugar source?

@ Khem You should try what @nanoscientist recommended before complaining .Its sensible potassium/ sodium citrate are buffer if used properly…The acidity will be slightly mellowed down…

What product are you formulating by the way that you need to mellow down the tartness?

For you to get adequate help here it will be better if you provide the basic ingredients of your product.

In contribution to others, one suggestion is to use acids naturally associated with your product by so doing it won’t affect it’s perception much. For example using lactic acid in dairy products. Another suggestion is to use a combination of acids that produce reduced sourness instead of a single acid.

From my little experience I know that increasing the fat content reduces sourness but I can’t tell the exact effect it will have on your pH. I don’t even know the nature of your product.

Finally, you can search for flavour masking products. Some manufacturers can customize their products to meet your needs, then if you are lucky they may have already existing products that’ll fit yours.

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@Roy It’s not complaining. I think it is good to ask questions before trying adding stuff, especially to people who apparently have experience with this whereas I have not. :wink:

The product is based on vegetables and potatoes, and a low pH is needed for its shelf life.

@Endee Thank you!

@Khem … my point is until you declare what specific product you are formulating nobody can provide you an exact suggestion what to do about it.You are asking help here but how can people know what exactly are you doing so it can be sorted out properly.?

@Roy Since it’s NPD, I can’t be too specific.As mentioned in my previous post, it’s based on potatoes and vegetables.


@khem I work in R& D for several decades and I don’t play around in problem solving .My subordinates in many jobs learn to appreciate my candor as it leads to faster resolution of the issue .
I have some colleagues that are diplomatic and it takes them time to solve the problem as they try to use PR first instead of getting the information directly.from people they don’twant to offend…
From that experience, I know I am very effective in what I am doing…
If you want to play around letting people guess what you are doing, then well see how long can you get a good recommendation for solutions.

BTW in NPD you can be discrete if you know how to relate your ideas without betraying confidentiality…Thats only possible if you truly understand what you are doing .
From experience only those newbies in R&D don’t know how to make a formulation that they can relate to someone they are asking for help withoutbetraying confidentially.
BTW …Vegetable and potatoes food products are broad so how can people figure out a similarity they can relate with…?

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In that case I hope you’re not telling your “subordinates” to “stop complaining and just do it” if they ask a follow-up question on the information you’ve just given them. At least I’m happy that the people I’m working with try to understand where my questions are coming from and involve me in their thinking process. That way it’s a learning process for everyone involved.

Thank you for the warm welcome and have a good day sir.

@ Khem…it can happen occasionally,That I will scold my subordinates …Incidentally It has a good effect on them as they become more focused in doing their jobs.It also separates out who are competent and who are not…

Khem, are the acids naturally occuring in your application or are you adding them?
If you are looking for a ph modifier without a big flavour impact have your tried Sodium Acid Sulfate?