Infusion of salt in ghee

How can we infuse Himalayan pink salt in ghee without using water? I tried whisking salt into ghee but the problem is while filling the ghee in jars it has to be heated and once heated it gets separated again for salt. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Thank you Roy. But the problem is, I do not want to use water. Can I use ghee with gum to mix the salt?


The reality is you can’t mix these two components and remain in mixture by the process you had to employ. In making it.

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Ok, got it thanks.

Can anyone throw some light on how this product is manufactured without using any emulsifier? How can this product be stable during storage? They are just using ghee and Himalayan pink salt.

For the overrun of Butter, Salt is being employed. Then butter is clarified as ghee. So I guess that the added salt could be Himalayan pink salt. Just my guessing. Correct me if wrong

The salt IN POWDERED form is added is not more than 2 % to the prepared ghee. and stir until its starts to solidify ,then pour it in semisolid or viscous liquid in bottles so you will have your salt in suspension.

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So in this case, there is no requirement of high end machinery to mix it right?

Try it in the kitchen, then when you succeed and understood the process, that’s the time you scale it up with factory equipment.

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Sure, thanks.