Home type water purifiers

Hi All,

What do you think about home type water purifiers? Do you think they are good systems and they not effect human healthy negatively? Do you have experiences?

I think they are unnecessary devices of course except special situations like regions have problems with clean water etc.

A lot of type water purifiers make the water demineralized and this is not good for human healthy
( except special diets ) .

Also their filters can be easily a contamination source.

What do you think?

They are useful to many house holds, where they would like to have an additional one step purification of drinking or cooking water. I have seen this being used in many houses within the developing countries. How far each water purifier is good, or how long each membrane works, or how many times do they change the filter - are all not decided properly. Meaning a common man will buy a purifier based on what he sees ( or follow recommendation). It is a huge business in countries like India. Whethar the water is demineralized is not a major concern for them, it is to assure the safety of drinking good water - they further even boil the water before drinking. So many steps are involved depending on the water availability, source of the region.
In most developed countries, pure water system is maintained for the whole population and safety is assured to them and thus they dont need a purifier at all.

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Yes, but in fact I wanted to mention regions already have high quality drinkable water.

In Turkey also this devices are very popular but not necessary i think. Because all houses can reach high quality water with acceptable price already.

There are big marketing activities behind them i think.

Totally depends on the state, city or country.

There are places where portable water is being used or distributed even in towns and cities. But these may not be pure. Affordability is one , but quality and safety of water is the main reason people use it.
But as you say may be at your/ some place, it’s just another showpiece to have at home,
I have also seen in Singapore even when having high quality water, there are people who only use bottled water for drinking purpose, which is very very strange…
Yes marketing activities that you mentioned: could be a direct link between the water authority/supplier & the water purifier companies!! but the reality is we will run short of water in a few years time and it is now consumed like air, and human beings never realize how these things are nature’s gift, or the importance of maintaining the quality of water resources.

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Mains water used in cities around the world is generally healthy and can be used for all purposes. 99% of the potable water network in Turkey and is healthy. only in some provinces there are places where heavy metal and network aging problems are experienced. The treatment systems installed in homes devalue the quality of water by taking calcium, which is very important especially for children and housewives who have given birth. The only system required in homes should be to take the chlorine in the water and it should be used only in the kitchen and drinking water. To eliminate the harm of heavy metal chlorine in the body. Apart from that, it is not a system to take the heavy metals in the water, household type treatments. It only softens the water by taking calcium and magnesium ions in the water. The use of tap water at home is absolutely healthy, with exceptions. Like water enterprises, municipalities are routinely inspected by the state. Sanctions cannot be prevented in this regard. such for Turkey.