Food graded edible ink

Anybody who had worked on the preparation of Food graded edible ink
I have to use that for the printing on surface of Lollipop.

@Ali_hassan you already asked this question before.

Sometime past there was a post in Linkedin on the food inks prepared by a research group. Yes out of curiosity i did ask them on the materials that are good for printing on foods…Obviously no replies, probably this is still in developmental stages and IP related.

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Thanks for the update
Actually I by myself working on it and I have to develop it and In Sha Allah I ll do it

I think making the edible ink would require you to base on normal printing ink, considering density-(viscosity), drying- (thermal properties) and color stability.
You could do a couple of experiments by mixing natural food colorants like Hibiscus, a thickener, a stabilizer (eg glycerine) and a preservative for color stability. Then compare it with the normal ink’s properties.
Are you going to run it in a Printer or Mannualy?


Thanks for the insight.
Basically using any colored materials (natural or synthetic) with stabilizer, thickener and preservative can then be used as an ink.
Heat stability, storage stability might be the factors to study further.
Additionally getting the right color for a particular food might be an approach of study too.
Hydrocolloids of various types can be utilized for an optimization study of this ink preparation. The rheology aspects might be the biggest challenge in printing.
Great learning, thanks for the discussion.


Thanks for responding
Actually we have a manual printing press and we would go for the printer if I succeed in preparing it myself.
Have you any experience kindly share with me I ll be greatrltful to you