Compiling each topic and it's related responses in pdf format

Hi @foodScientist. I was wondering if something could be done to integrate a built-in functionality which allows users to save an entire topic with its responses from contributing users in pdf format or other file extensions to allow in-depth analysis of some of the invaluable insights offered here, apart from the obvious option of copying and pasting the text. The reason being that with the amount of incoming contributions it’s not that easy to keep track of one’s favorite posts.

The relevant code could also be tailored to include your FSTDESK graphics, names of contributing participants and online retrieval dates in the created files, which could then be shared online etc to attract even more seasoned food tech professionals for better content, if it’s okay

Thank you for your suggestion, i will think on it.

I wish to commend you for the great work you’ve done here by bringing together a community of Food Scientists to share their knowledge and understanding, I just hope with time this app can do more like uploading pictures on ones profile and direct notifications from the app.

Thank you.

You can do this.

It is avilable for web, you can set it on browser. For android app i work on it.