Cold Coffee

Assalamu alaikum.

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I want start business of Cold Coffee. Already i am working in R&D department a reputed company in BD. I have tried to make it but i can not solve this issue…plz help me about this issue. How to make. How to preserve for long time with how to make a unique cold coffee .


Cold instant coffee topic…

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From my understanding,
One reason can be deterioration of physical and chemical attributes such as increase in acidity etc.
In general it could be the nature of the beans used which becomes stale in sometime irrespective of the preservation techniques followed.

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try to perverse the product using HPP method if you have the possibility . is the best way to keep under control this product. ensure that the content of oxygen during preparation and bottling is lowest possible. oxygen is the most important enemy for this product stability… if you could do this, the shelf’s life can increase up to 6 months…you must do shelf life aging test before you launch the product on the market ! good luck !


There sometimes happens a reaction between the coffee solids and the milk solids used, this is the problem to be overcome, in hot vending machines, this problem is less, but the cold coffee at room temperature is the problem.

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