Addition of sulfur dioxide in Pulps as preservative

Can anyone help me in something related to addition of sulphur dioxide to fruit pulps… (KMS ADDITION) process how to add and what is the best and fast procedure to determine the SO2 and Is it only the SO2 and Sulphite (Free or Total or Residual) which act as allergens… Or is it the sulphate also…

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AFAIK KMS is added to fruit pulp in solution to have better efficiency in preserving it.1200 mg of KMS / kg of fruit pulp will preserve it up to a year …To determine the SO2 content you can use AOAC method IIRC …Monier Willams method


Thank you for the clarification Roy, Can you help me in the ratio of Water to Preservative to get the solution and also can I use the titration method for in house as the AOAC 990.28 method is little bit time consuming… The samples are to be checked in process which has to be done very fast…

You should dig that up yourself…There are already many references I relayed to you.Codex Alimentarius, FFSSAI, AOAC ,Anslysis of FOOD Additives…

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Since time is your concern, you can purchase sulphite test kits that give you results in minutes. Then you validate their efficacy from time to time by using wet chemistry. I hope this helps.

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@saikrishna_reddy; check if this might be useful for conducting the test -