Why would bread and buns smell and rot in few hours

We’ve been using a premix improver in bread and buns for a year now it is the only product We use in common.Few weeks ago , our bread and buns started to be rotten. Baked today and tomorrow it is moldy what could be causing this? What can we use to improve the shelf life and softness of our bread and buns? thanking you in advance

Rope is one potential cause of bread and bun spoilage. Over a year, if you have the microorganisms in your bakery, they are accumulating. You should do a deep clean of your whole bakery section. Bake and then see if you have an increase in shelf life of an extra day. Then should ask your premix supplier if they have incorporated products like Calcium propionoate, acetate to delay the rope onset. Also make sure your premix is dosed optimally. Check, which preservatives are allowed in your country.Sorbic acid was allowed in Europe for this application, in South Africa only this year. Between these three, your product shelf life in combination with good cleaning procedures of Baking pans, mixers, tables. Also allowing bread to cool adequate will also help, before packing, as condensation is also an assister.This problem would be greater in summer months>30 degrees. Winter less, unless front selling section is climate controlled.

Hot and humid conditions, coupled with unsanitary and unhygienic manufacturing conditions will promote microbial contamination and proliferation in your environment which will contaminate your products . Normally premix improvers does not contain preservatives…I don’t know if your have it in your improvers.

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